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Severe baldness & Hair Transplant Disaster Fixed using Beard and Body hair Transplantation BHT

At the time of shooting this video, this patient remains the worst hair transplant repair case ever completed successfully. This video highlights his transformation at 36 months after his initial repair work performed by Dr. Umar in Los Angeles. Part 3/3 of the patient’s video series.  Watch Dr. Umar use his Body Hair Transplantation (BHT)  technique in this video.

Hair Transplant Repair-The Emotional Journey of A Patient

This video follows the emotional journey of a hair transplant repair patient; what he underwent during his research for a better hair transplantation. The travail of a hair loss victim is something that is seldom addressed by the providers of hair transplantation and by those who are close to the patient. Emotional turmoil is definitely at play in the mind of a hair transplant patient when they begin to consider and research the hair transplant procedure and will persist to the time of the surgery and in the immediate periods after the surgery before the seeing the results. Even if the hair transplant outcomes were a success, the emotional stresses of adjusting to a new life devoid of the worries about hair loss takes time to unravel.

Baldness And Scarring After Strip Surgery – A Cautionary Tale

This video shares the story of a patient who underwent a hair transplant using the traditional strip surgery approach. The clinic which performed it used 1,800 grafts. Unfortunately, that clinic’s strip method did not help his hair loss. He is unhappy with how hairline turned out, the baldness that remained on his head and the scarring. Worse, the strip mining approach decimated his follicles, leaving him with not enough head hair to fix or undergo another traditional strip procedure. He turned to Dr. Umar for help.

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Strip Transplant Repaired Using Beard and Body Hair

This patient turned to Dr. Umar in desperation, after multiple failed hair transplant surgeries done elsewhere left him with extensive scarring, plugging and even more severe baldness. He had turned to using a toupee, but hated how obvious it was. He wanted a natural hairline to disguise part of the hairpiece, and he wanted his baldness reduced and his scars hidden.

Using body hair transplant, Dr. Umar used the patient’s chest, stomach, and beard hair to accomplish a superior and natural looking repair. He was yet another patient who had given up hope before discovering Dr. Umar’s expertise with body hair transplants.

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Bad Hair Restoration Result Repair Using BHT – FUE: Body Hair Transplantation

In this example, Dr Sanusi Umar uses Body hair to head transplantation ( Body hair transplant ) to repair the head of a patient who has sustained damage from poor or bad hair surgeries performed years ago at other clinics. Some of these surgeries could be characterised as botched. The procedure is commonly called Body Hair Transplantation (BHT). This is an option for severely bald individuals or those that are donor depleted until hair cloning cell based hair multiplication technology becomes available in the future. Learn more about BHT and hair loss here.

Hairline Softened Using Leg Hair and Follicular Unit Extraction

Watch the first well-documented case of a patient having his hairline softened with transplants of hair from his leg in this video.

The patient turned to Dr. Umar after multiple failed transplant efforts were done at other clinics using outdated techniques. The result was an unnatural, harsh hairline. Using advanced FUE hair transplant, in 2006. Dr. Umar grafted 1,000 hairs from the man’s leg to his head to create a natural, subtle look.

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Hair Transplant Strip Surgery Scar Repair Using FUE-BHT

This video presents a hair transplant repair: a solution to strip scars that have resulted from previous strip surgery methods of hair transplantation. Dr. Sanusi Umar uses his innovative Single Follicle Extraction and Transfer (SFET) procedure as a form of Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) to transplant beard hair into two strip scars to successfully improve the appearance of the scar. The patient had undergone prior strip type surgical hair restoration at two separate clinics that left him with two strip scars in the back and sides of his head.

Worst Hair Transplant Result Repair Using FUE & BHT with Beard & Body Hair – Part 2 of 3

Dr. Umar repairs the worst case of bad hair surgical outcomes from prior procedures a patient underwent at other clinics. Some experts have considered this case the most extreme of poor hair surgical outcomes of note today. Many would understandably consider the patient’s prior condition as evidence of botched surgeries and even surgical disasters. Patients in this situation had to settle for ill fitting usage of hairpieces(aka wigs, toupee). These procedures were commonly performed decades ago by clinics of the day when better options for hair restorations were yet to be developed. Disfigurement and scarring resulting from these antiquated techniques have remained a major source of anguish for many affected patients who have had to live secluded lives under hats and creative hairpieces for fear of ridicule. Body hair transplant has offered a ray of hope for some of these patients who are often out of options having depleted their traditional head donor supplies.

Dr. Umar Repairs Hair Transplant Once Considered Hopeless to Fix

This video shows a patient who had a hair transplant repair done by Dr. Umar. His repair work was done by using solely body and beard hair. His unfortunate hair surgery outcome resulted from multiple old fashioned and traditional hair surgeries, and thus the patient was left with extensive scarring, decimated head donor, plugging and advanced baldness. Consequently, his only option was to resort to wearing a hair piece, also known as a wig or toupee. However, his receded temple points and the absence of the hairline made the hairpiece noticeably obvious. He wanted a natural hairline to precede the hairpiece and wanted his temple points built to sync with his hair piece. Most importantly, the patient wanted the extent of his baldness reduced in the margins and also wanted the punch style excision scars in his donor area covered with hair.

However, the patient had no donor hair left for these procedures to be in effect. Dr Umar used body hair achieve this patient’s hair restoration and repair. With BHT, Dr. Umar was able to use only the patient’s chest, stomach, and beard hair to accomplish a superior and natural looking repair.

Hair Transplant Repair With Follicular Unit Extraction Using Body Hair

Body Hair and FUE This hair transplant repair patient came to Dr. Umar as a desperate last resort, seeking a remedy to his catastrophic hair loss. Due to previous use of the strip harvesting method elsewhere, he did not have enough donor hair available on his scalp to use.

In three sessions conducted six months apart, Dr. Umar pulled off a miracle. Using follicular unit extraction, he transplanted 15,000 grafts from the patient’s chest, stomach and shoulders, 6,000 grafts from his beard and 1,000 grafts from his scalp to create a completely new head of hair dense enough to sport a short haircut.

The Hair Transplant Repair Experience at DermHair Clinic

During each of his hair transplant repair procedures, the patient was able to catch up on his business needs on his phone and laptop during lunch breaks, relax on the patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and nap.

Restoring hair for this a patient suffering from severe baldness is impossible using the traditional strip surgery method. Strip surgery has too many limitations. But by expanding the potential donor pool to the patient’s entire body, successful, full coverage can be achieved. Within a year, this patient’s life turned around, transforming him from worry to confidence.

If you’ve had a botched hair restoration surgery in the past, do not give up hope of a solution. Life is not to be lived under a toupee or a hat. Dr. Umar specializes in the most severe, “impossible” cases and may be able to restore your quality of life. Don’t wait another day, contact our offices now or send in our free online consultation form.

Watch the hair transplant repair video below to see what amazing results can be achieved through body hair use; the same results that could be possible for you. And watch an update here.