6100 Grafts To Achieve Full Hair Density With FUE Hair Restoration

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Dr. Umar was able to achieve FUE hair restoration on this patient who’d previously had 3600 FUE grafts at another clinic; the results of which had left him lacking his desired hair density. Dr. Umar’s FUE hair restoration, which involved 6100 grafts transplanted from the body, beard, and head, accomplished the patient’s desired look. The patient was satisfied with his hair density and evenness.

Watch the video to see how this FUE hair restoration could achieve your desired hair density.

FUE Hair Restoration with 6100 Grafts to Achieve Full Hair

3 Responses to “6100 Grafts To Achieve Full Hair Density With FUE Hair Restoration”

  1. Blonde says:

    Nice work!

    I have a question about the regular use of donor hair outside of traditional donor area (back of head). I’ve watched several of your videos and have listened to the use of nape hair, which seems very much in line with traditional donor area since they’re right next to each other.

    On this particular patient, it seems like he would have enough donor hair in the traditional donor areas. Why go into the beard and body? On many cases posted, it seems to be a regular technique, leading me to believe there are reasons beyond traditional area donor density.

    There also seems to be some different coloration in the after photos, is this a result of mixing hair? I’m thinking of light/strawberry blonde people where the beard has a distinctly richer coloration. “Cooler” / lighter blonde head hair, with beard thicker and warmer/richer in color.

    What about hair length as well? The body hairs don’t originally grow as long as head hair (I’ve never cut the hair on my arms or legs, whereas head hair obviously grows continuously).

    Apologize for all the questions! Thanks for the information.

    Best regards

    • Alanna says:

      Hi Blonde. I am replying on behalf of Dr. Umar. He says: The patient is young and has more hair loss ahead of him. He would like to use non head hair to augment the total donor pool. Knowing this already, we decided to start blending the donor sources from the beginning to give a consistent look. We would not like to exhaust his head donor and resort to using islands of non head hair at the end. This would look unnatural. There is no noticeable difference between head and nonhead donor in this patient’s result.

    • admin says:

      If the ppatient is young and we think his hair loss trend would outstrip his head donor, it is okay to start mixing in nonhead donor sources in the mix in the earlier stages.
      Hair color difference is as a result of dyeing.

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